Innovation & Technology
Web Sites. Management systems. Management School systems. customer loyally systems.

Web developers

We develop integral solutions for your company, office, educational centers, sales force, website for you company.


Billing and inventories, School management, help desk system, payroll system.

Mobile development

Development of mobile applications, using current technologies, Android & IOS.

Development applications 

Increment use internt per year
Systems deploys

Smart communication

Innovation in communication with your sales team, customers or groups through massive delivery system SMS.


Companies and entrepreneurs should no longer be tied to a location or city in Central America, access to their information must be agile, friendly and secure anywhere in the world.

Smart Schools

Schools and colleges organized, communicated with parents, teachers, tutors and students, management of collections, cash, banks, payroll; school management, notes, homework, exams, agenda, communicate with the bus driver it's so easy and more.

About us

We are a company integrated by a motivated team to create technological solutions to operational and organizational problems, adapting the solution to your processes and not your processes to the solution, giving the client what he really needs according to his experience in the market.

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